my name is wu tsang and i work as an artist, filmmaker, food & nightlife purveyor, and community organizer in los angeles. i make my living off of a combination of those economies + plus i have a part-time day job in mainstream hollywood. i am a queer and trans person of color.

i started blogging in october 2009 because i wanted to make transparency about my experiences doing a weekly club called wildness, which led to the making of a feature documentary with same name, WILDNESS (post-production), and a trans legal project called LETSGO LIBERATION. i wanted to talk about how i see race & class stuff playing out in my immediate world, which happens to be at an intersection of nightlife, entertainment, and art worlds in Los Angeles. i think these worlds are often seen exclusively from one another, whereas i experience them HEAVILY overlapping - particularly in the circulation of money and cultural capital.

i've been inspired by some blog/voices that deal the personal politics of wealth, fashion art & pop culture, feminism, anti-racism, and anti-capitalism -in a way that is empowering, celebratory and also super critical all at once. I LIKE i'm a fucking lady intersections (daniel hernandez-mexico city), enough (dean spade-seattle & tyrone boucher-philly), DIS (nyc), style rookie (duh! tavi gevinson-chicago), and speaking from the diaphram (vaginal davis-berlin).

also continue to be majorly inspired by wildness originators TOTAL FREEDOM (Ashland Mines) and NGUZUNGUZU (Daniel Pineda and Asma Maroof) who are blazing sound waves globally...