Nov 4, 2009

being a teenager is so cool

this is Kye AKA Pandora Prestige performing at Wildness yesterday. THE GIRL IS 19!!!!!!
bless US.

she's part of tranny rockstars, based out of the CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL trans youth program organized by Bamby Salcedo - another magical human/institutional combo. i cannot even begin to tell you how hot and amazing this situtaion is. these kids are 10-25 years old (!!!!!) and their shit is way more together than mine will ever be. ps. way more glamourous too. look at their photo album you will DIIIEEEEE of inspiration.

THIS IS BAMBY. i will go wherever you go.
when a cop asked her what M.F. stands for she "my friends."
thank you.

more about Bamby soon. she obviously deserves her own post.

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