Nov 1, 2009

seriously crunching numbers

IMPRENTA is an art project. IMPRENTA TRANSGENDER LAW PROJECT (ITLP) is a law project. we are fiscally intertwined in a really cool way. basically IMPRENTA the art space is getting 501c3 (non-profit) status, in order to fiscally sponsor the legal clinic. the amazing thing about this arrangement is that by making IMPRENTA a relatively straightforward arts org, it enables ITLP to operate autonomously in a really radical way. for starters, then ITLP doesn't have to have a Board, which traditionally creates all kinds of hierarchical, funder-driven issues that prevent us from maintaining "by and forness" within the community. also our mission statement isn't beholden to the government. there are many ways in which this enables us to be super stealth and do things we could never do if we are a traditional non-profit service org. at the same time, i think that for IMPRENTA the arts org to wear the cloak makes it also a really inventive project, because it manipulates the institutional frame of art... ya know what i mean?

so yesterday was spent all day seriously crunching numbers, working with 2 rad awesome young GAY lawyers (Shayla Meyers and Gina Nicholls), trying to get the books straight into one massive ledger. i was like SO TURNED ON. i looooove math and balancing check books and shit. i really can't help but admit that it's true.

if this is interesting check out INCITE women of color against violence: they published a whole book about why non-profits are so damaging to social movements.

ITLP is modeling after of course the omgsupersoimportant org Silvia Rivera Law Project.

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