Dec 6, 2009


besides going to see the butchlalis (GENIUS), and somehow several champagne soirees, i spent most of the weekend story-boarding and in ENDLESS production meetings for the upcoming DAMELO TODO narrative shoot... which is fuckkkkk coming up in early jan. all of a sudden money time people everything seems to be draining, even though i haven't been doing anything except thinking.

i had to make these composities for two of the setups that involve a lot of people (obviously not multiples of me)... but they either crack me up or creep me out- can't decide which, or at this point is anything a good idea anymore BUT WE'RE DOING IT! no ok actually i'm super excited yayy. will be, i swahear.

could anything be more lonely?? WERK. actually if you look closely javier is also multiplied cause of the time lapse factor ;) but anyway no i mean creepy? cool? creepy

umm. i wasn't going to mention this but do you LOVE my workmodeman look? bold huh.

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