Dec 28, 2009

getting personal for a minute.

so i feel like i want to come out about something... which is that i been dealing with thyroid cancer. it sounds worse than it is (i'm extremely fortunate to say), and it's changed some things about my life for the better. nuff said. by way of explanation, i'm unfortunately quarantined inside this week doing radiation therapy, so there won't be actual outside life to report BUT... rrrrrradiation has created the possibility for a few things. like messing around in the bathroom until i realized i can TOTALLY RECREATE BEYONCES VIDEO PHONE DO WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY ROCKING THE L.A. ANGSTY ASIAN TEEN DO... so um green glow, stuck at home, photoshopy hair self portrait is best i can do cause no one is allowed within striking distance til thursday, and i'm not reeeeally supposed to be all up in my wardrobe touching things (on account of being radioactive). so i'm hoping instead to reflect on a backlog of stuff i've been meaning to talk about. somewhere between a continued discussion of trans politics and the stack of intl vogues on bedside table. look out for random volume. thanks for your patience. and sorry if i'm slow to respond to emails because brain is not operating QUITE so efficiently ;)

ps. it's been really chic to get to tell people who ask about the badass throat scar that's cause i just got my adam's apple removed...! shh

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  1. best of luck with treatment wu. i am SO stoked to have found your blog!
    davey in chicago