Dec 16, 2009



i had a champagne and a half with the one and only lovely Philip Yenawine (aka DA ORIGINAL CONTENDER) yesterday evening before wildness... talked about absolutely everything, got reinspired about the epic trans worldwide movement. i've been thinking to write about caster semenya for a while, but for the moment just want meditate on her image. because it was the inspiration for more...


mkay i know it's a stretch but the sporty butt /green shoes are for you Semenya.
(notice! symmetry with seƱorita de la rocha)

wildness was so fun you guys.

MALUCA is in town for a special reason (we flew her in for DAMELO TODO... details soon to be reveeeaaaled) and at like 1am she busted out a little jam over Uproot Andy's dj set to inspire danceoff. guess inspiration is the word of the morning.

you so pretty who are you?

cisko cameo ;)

damn you all so pretty

ps. in case it's not tohtally obvious that it's not caster i claim for the movement but the discussion that her being inspires. she be who she be... not all that relevant to me...

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