Feb 5, 2010

weird little cloud

sorry for the silence friends.

for anyone who has been following along here, you can image what NO MORE WILDNESS means to me. i find myself in a weird position with this blog world - because i started CLASS to try to develop transparency about my experiences with Wildness and Silver Platter - and now i find myself suddenly surrounded by complicated legal drama which is not directly mine and therefore confidential.

so out of respect for those who's lives are most deeply affected - i really can't get into it. but in a nutshell: there has been an ownership dispute between our dear friend Koky Corral and the Ramirez family. i'm not sure exactly the why it suddenly flared up, but it has, and now Koky and Javier have been ousted from the bar - at least temporarily until they are able to sort out the legal stuff. as their friend and LGL advocate i'm trying to help with legal sitch, but more importantly i wouldn't dream of continuing Wildness without them, because they are founding members and collaborators. (i say "I" instead of "WE" wildness cause our collective statement is posted on our website, and my personal disclosures/opinions do not necessarily reflect the group.) i definitely don't take sides against the bar or any of the controling parties, and pray for everything can be resolved as soon as possible. i also want to shout out respect for Nora Ramirez, for reaching out to express her investment in the Wildness community. IT'S REALLY COMPLICATED OK. however having ventured out a little on my own to investigate, i can say for sure that this may take a LONG TIME - and that wildness may very well be OVER for good.


left to right: javier, the late gonzalo ramirez & koky



from a Wildness interview in AnP Quarterly, December 2008:

W: My goal is to do Wildness as long as humanly possible—in terms of it being party that anyone is talking about, I feel like I would even go beyond that. I’d do it regardless. To me there is something about the persistence of being an event that people can count on, especially in a city like LA where it can be harder to gather.  That's my level of commitment. Is to want to do it for at least two more years—I don't know if that's crazy, but I feel like that's totally a reasonable goal.

A: I feel like it would be cool if it were happening for as long as I'm living here, and longer—for sure—but im also excited by the idea of it being an ephemeral passing cloud—weird little wild cloud.

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