Mar 31, 2010


i just wanted to say that NGUZUNGUZU (sorry for those of you who are dyslexic like me and have to finger spell that everytime) are OFFICIALLY blowing up. they are now internationally world wide on tour forever so get ready to see them in every port and like opening for MIA etc. it's actually impossible to tell you all the amazing stuff they are working on right now so i suggest following their twitter. shout out to mah girl ASMA MAROOF - who is one half da DJ/producer team w daniel pindeda -  extremely killing it in an extremely all-mens dudeland...

last night was our THIRD LGL LEGAL CLINIC - AHMAZING! our first real time that community members were coming in seeking services. thrill!!!! i wish i could do that like every single day all the time but actually right now i'm up at 5am to edit damelo todo (BIG NEWS TO ANNOUNCE DER TOO SOON)... kissy

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