Apr 8, 2010

cobra thursdays

getting ready for an interview with SAUL SARABIA tomorrow morning for damelo todo... thrill!!! and then going out to the COBRA with mah girlfriends mariana and zackary. THURSDAYS AT THE COBRA you hear me. revisiting a really important touchstone article, "death on terminal island" published by LA Mag in 2008 - brilliant analysis of the transgender/immigrant rights debate... 

in my preparations i was struck by this basic question - "can you identify some of the major legal issues for the transgender community in LA?" and it made me kind of trip out wondering if anyone can. or realize that we all can. i mean no one is the singular authority voice. for so long i've had this belief that somewhere in LA there is this group of like other people who are the authorites on trans/legal/organizing. but lately it's all becoming demystified. like there are amazing people doing this work. but it's like all of us. and there is no central database or anything. but it is actually quantifiable - in a really cool way - cause that means it's expandable...

just to spout off a few in no particular order... there's Gender Justice LA... Bienestar... Bamby Salcedo at Children's Hospital... Jake Finney and Drian Juarez & Trans Economic Empowerment at LA Gay and Lesbian... Victoria Ortego and West Hollywood Royal Court... QTEAM... Alexis Rivera at TLC-LA... Incite LA... Sex Workers Outreach Program... Community Friends... B.A.A.R.T. Clinic... Transgender Service Provider Network... Transgender Taskforce... and that's just like some of LA - then we got all of OC etc. see? we are all so plugged in already! see no mystery. love it.

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