Apr 27, 2010

the cost of art

sorry for the slow down in posts. i had kind of a quiet, reflective weekend. i think OTHER PARTY was a great success in terms of people partying and having a good time, and also a lot to process - the newness inside of an expectation of oldness. ashland daniel and asma and i all met up and discussed sunday night. there will be some changes. our main thing being that we don't want this to just be like WILDNESS part 2... a lot of people still calling it wildness... which isn't a bad thing at all - but we just want to take care to keep it something we can be genuinely inspired about, feel good about offering, hope to be enjoyed etc. so CHANGE. including NAME. but still thursdays. looking forward to the thing taking shape. always most important in mah mind is wanting to keep it real and respectful. JALISCO owners rosa and maria garcia are super hott sweethearts and seem genuinely excited to extend their welcome beyond koky and javier to include us. it's such a massive feeling to be invited behind the bar, where i work all night - i felt deeply honored by their trust in letting me work the cash register and stuff. openness is a good sign. keeping alert...


video art installation version of Damelo Todo (graduating from school!)... edited by Alex Segade. STARRING Yesenia Gaitan, Alexis Giraldo, Antonio V. Guerrero, and Raquel Gutierrez. it's a short, 20 min thing - more abstract, experimental (whatever that means?) version. basically stuff i want to explore that i ultimately won't be able to with the documentary.

hardware - 28.07
more hardware - 19.65
wood - 105.58
more wood - 212.32
cargo van - 66.25
food - 23.37
more food - 19.33
projection screen - 603.63
museum bench - borrowed
light box - 433.29



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