Apr 14, 2010

Damelo Todo Participating in IFP Doc Lab 2010

proud to announce that damelo todo was accepted into the IFP (independent feature projects) documentary lab!!! we were one of 10 amazing projects accepted, check out da press release. BRAIN EXPANDING.

it's a major opportunity for our film to crack into shape, professionally so to speak... kind of like a foot forward in dealing with the movie industry, which is something i'm learning about for the first time. i've never made a movie before - my background is visual art - so my creative "career" life has so far has existed within a much smaller scale economy and audience. movies deal with bigger econmies and wider more general audiences, whereas galleries and museums deal with *relatively* more specialized audiences. there's crossover obviously, and more and more these days, but general speaking, we can think about them as different worlds. at the very least they FEEL like REALLY different worlds. especially the way people TALK and umm ultimately how we are required to perform. which has EVERYTHING to do with what we make, and how it finally comes to exist in the world... i have been slowly venturing down this path for a while, questioning how it might affect the project... not that damelo todo was ever like a visual art thing - but rather - i'm super interested in how the modes of production determine the possibilities of what something can be... etc etc. i feel like i blab about this a lot, so i will try to use my experiences this week to come up with more interesting examples... so MORE SOON. but in a nutshell thinking more about how capitalism, ie the BIZNESS side of thing plays into the creativity. yessir

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