Apr 22, 2010

new extreme anti-immigrant legislation in arizona

the LA Times reported on april 13th that a new law called SB 1070 has just passed the AZ state house of reps, which REQUIRES police stop anyone with "reasonable suspicion" of being an illegal immigrant, to determine that person's immgiration status. furthermore it makes not having proper immigration paperwork a misdemeanor. this basically amounts racial profiling, by making it illegal for all brown people to walk around without being able to prove their status. beyond the obvious anti-immigrant sentiment, this law has sweeping affects on people's civil rights in general. the Times reports:
"A lot of U.S. citizens are going to be swept up in the application of this law for something as simple as having an accent and leaving their wallet at home," said Alessandra Soler Meetze, president of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona.
the bill has yet to be signed into law by gov jan brewer, and there is a heated protest mounting amongst immigrant rights organizers, who are says this law basically turns AZ into a "police state." READ MORE.

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