May 24, 2010

what could be more gay

in givenchy for vogue paris june/july 2010

my weekend was all about feeling appreciative of being gay and gay community- like in the simplest most pleasurable ways! yesterday damelo todo teaser screened in a queer film festival organized by the ONE Archive at the Downtown Independent theater, which was co-hosted by Mustache Mondays' nacho nava and josh peace... it was an absolutely amazing invigorating event. andrew gould and bud thomas of the ONE organized a bunch of archival films from the 70s 80s and 90s combined with a few contemporary ones, and it was so inspiring to see the inter-generational dialog. basically everything was incredible, especially two films that focused on gay liberation in LA in the 70s- Liberation of Griffith Park (1971) directed by matt spero and Some of Your Best Friends (1971) directed by ken robinson. i haven't seen too many gay lib images that are LA-specific, most mainstream images are set in san franciso or new york, so that was cool, and ken robinson was THERE- and i had a total creative breakthrough realization that my movie needs hand-made titling! WATERCOLOR TITLING = GENIUS. the energy and spirit of the gay movement back in the early days is nonstop never ending exciting and visually inspiring to me. and also seeing how young filmmakers are dealing with queerness and race in the contemporary films gave me to so much to think about and get re-energized about the whole world. and during Q&A to look out over the packed audience and see grey-haired all leather and like kids from the club all mixed together- special favorite. and THEN there was the most perfect movie i have seen maybe ever called

a 20-min doc about early gay marriage. see it. own it. wear it. go there.
it was nominated for an academy award!
it's amazing. the STYLE. the SLEEVES on those dresses!
and so so so timely in the wake of prop 8 to think about all the issues of marriage, family, materialism, etc - like in the most open non-judgemental fascinating way. yay!


oh and thrill! i was invited to participate in the CA Biennial! (that was one secret i'm now allowed to share, other good news on the way) which means fine art exhibition of damelo todo at some point in the near future, october to be exact, but more on that later ;) kiss kiss poof poof

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