Jun 10, 2010

LGL welcomes 2 new core members!

LETSGO LIBERACIÓN welcomes 2 new core members- mike weinstein and janelle wright! mike is a public defender who has been involved with organizing LGL since dec 2008, and orginally he had opted out of partipating as a core member (playing more of an ally role), but recently at our retreat, we voted to invite him in! (LGL is committed to maintaining a goverenance core that is 100% queer and trans, 80+1% people of color, and 50+1% low income members.) janelle recently moved here from Atlanta, GA! she says she's still getting used to LA living ;) reportback from LGL is that many things are changing. we recently lauched our summer legal clinic, and are discussing whether to officially take over the IMPRENTA space (phasing out the arts project)... other talks on the horizon include: hormone clinic, movement classes, support group, modular beauty salon, silver platter afterhours coffee&donuts... of course the space is only 350 sqft so whatever happens, it will definitely all be mixing togeher. basically we hope to expand imprenta to be like a trans/queer WELLNESS ZONE = funding please? i say yes ;)

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