Jun 7, 2010

live and work

i had this old friend eric luken from chicago who moved here and used to say all the time in the most extremely special faggotry upswing: "all i do in LA is LIVE and WORK. LIVE AND WORK!"

today was another typical day of random post production mayhem for damelo todo... my new producer dreamboat kathy rivkin and i were busting for a Latino Public Broadcasting grant that was due at 5pm. Kathy finally crunched real numbers and apparently the overall cost of this film is above $300,000! i was completely floored, but apparently this is on the low side for a feature doc... in between doing that i also had a LOVELY telephono talk with my IFP mentor ira sachs in nyc. THANK GOD ira is my dad officially he is wise about everything movie-making related and gay life in general. emailing with editor brian kates (FAN OUT) who has offered to give notes- bless me! 1pm another phone date with SRLP founder law prof team champion dean spade in seattle who is friend-consulting about the movie as well. another super meaningful conversation had here about the inspiration and pressures of making things in response to your community, and realizing that representation is inherently a failure. and that failure should be the fun part - doing it knowing that you can't - but that also inevitably some people being disappointed - but also most importantly at the same time OWNING EVERYTHING about doing it. dean also shared with me that his forthcoming book (!!!) about critical trans resistance involves this idea of trans being "beyond recognition" which i think is really beautiful... looking forward to THAT. then 5pm meeting with my editor suzanne mejean about the new rough cut. which is like swimming and KICKING along - we'll get there! aiming to finish by september. breath holding. trying to schedule a pickup shoot for kyky womens lib scene with my friend erika... more people people people... laboring over GROWN dinner menu (think: arancini w panko & porkbelly) and secretly i'm all WORN out from a late night poolside soiree in bel air = mary kelly house. werk that CHIC let me tell you some serious art world decadence crazay. and tonight is mustache!! see you der

alexander wang you put it on and go
(photos by me, luke, and quentin)

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