Jun 8, 2010

where does oil come from

"Well, that's interesting!"
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can i just say that if google is really just an algorithm then THIS IS the culture we live in. and TRUST and believe that my voice does not sound whiny when i say that. it actually just seems really accurate to show how capitalism saturates our brains and shapes life priorities in general. i mean, it's HARD i imagine for the majority of us whose lives are not directly affected by the oil spill to wrap our minds around it. if you are like me and feel enraged and powerless about it at least once a day, still you live your life. i drive around LA, which is like one of the most perverse oil-driven metropolises, listening to blow by blow coverage of the spill on the radio and just think i need to end life about this fucking mess. RIGHT?



another telling piece of news the other day was a RACEWIRE/feet in 2 worlds report about ICE officials showing up to search for undocumented immigrants amongst the oil spill clean-up workers. what could be more illustrative of this moment in time? here we are pouring hundreds of MILLIONS of gallons of toxic waste into our environment, and our government wants to deport the people who "illegally" are trying to help. THANK YOU.

i think it's time for a mass-based movement. (there, had to say it!)
since i was like a kid, i have always participated in counter-cultural free thinking non-hierarchical grass roots stick it to the man socially concious lifestyle etc. but still TODAY i find these commitments to be very different from my actual LIVED EXPERIENCE- and i guess i'm just dyin to bring it all together... one of the things that motivates me to do CLASS every day, is to try to think about how we can work on capitalism - how to empower myself and the people around me to use it as a force of resistance. like we have these resources - why do we feel so imobilized?? that is the crux of wealth. and i call it wealth because it's something we all HAVE to some degree or another. what will it take to mobilize these resources?? that is the work i see that needs to be done, like on a human level but even just on a personal one.

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