Jul 28, 2010

kickstarter success!

Dearest Friends,

It is our greatest pleasure to inform you that, sometime around 5am this morning, we passed our Kickstarter finishing mark at $12,126!!! WE ARE NOW GUARANTEED FUNDING!

It took 37 days & 216 supporters, and thanks to EVERYONE we totally DID IT - we are now fully on our path to finishing DAMELO TODO by the end of this year! Thank you SO MUCH for hearing our urgency and making it RAIN with your dollars. This is truly a moment to say that we could NOT have done it without each and every one of you!

Special shout out to those of you who pledged early, in the middle, and at the end - together we created a tidal wave of momentum! Extra special thanks to the many folks who reposted, blogged, and whispered into ears about our efforts, and WOW to those of you who gave over $100!! ALL of your combined resources had a super powerful effect. And last but not least, MEGA thanks to the 85 PERCENT of you who pledged $100 or under!!! Your unbelievably generous offerings (whether it was a dollar or x10) were the BACKBONE of this operation. In other words in a nutshell, this is a COLLECTIVE THANK YOU WAHOO TO EVERYONE!!!


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