Jul 12, 2010

trans law

i've been thinking a lot lately about what it really means to be working with trans communities & the LAW. both LGL and the movie are related, and most other things that excite me lately have to have to do with this general zone...

i had a super impactful conversation the other day with my friend vera miao (artist actor queer woman of color extraordaire who also haaaapens to be a no bullshit non-profit managment consultant) about this exact subject. vera was feeding back with me about IMPRENTA organizing (the space the legal clinic etc) and she offered up some words that kind of made everything crystal clear. i can't remember exaaactly what she said, but it was something to the effect of summarizing trans legal issues. she said, "basically what you are dealing with, is the the most oppressed brutalized marginalized population being acted upon by the most repressive arm of the state (ie the prison system, the police, the ICE, the government etc- especially since 9/11). so just know that you will always be one step away from total crisis." and i was all, "OOHHHHHHH." right. that's why it feels so intense all the time. thank you vera, for helping me to have that frame. just wanted to share it with yall ;)

and now, that i've used up my last brain cell, just wanetd to share some of the other things i got excited about this week...

CONTRE BLACK @ mustache last monday (holy shiiiiit

more dysfunctional jean pockets

recent video by zackary drucker at the ORIGINAL PLUMBING outfest release party last night !!!

outfest in general HELLOO so central to my scheduuule right now. places to be people !! absolutely everyone is hangin around ie TRACY CHAPMAN um what.

on the outfest tip here are two of my favorite people in the whole world !!! at the inspiring good feelings OP event as well... mariana marroquin (actress, genius, diva, associate producer on damelo todo lalala...) & raquel gutierrez (performer, genius, writer/performer on damelo todo) mariana did a FIERCE new version of the ongoing live romantic comedy COSA RARA directed by raquel's troupe butchlalis de panochtitlan. psst heres a dish- mariana plays HERSELF ;)

another favorite person and glamorous to-do this week: ryan trecartin opening at moca. also GO SEE rj messineo at steve turner gallery for seriously queer art

no visual for this one but how about ashley love's upcoming panel july 15 called WOMEN DEMANDING CHANGE NOW: THE DEHUMANIZING MISREPRESENTATION OF TRANSSEXUAL WOMEN THROUGH THE GAY MALE HOLLYWOOD LENS ?? um i say yes

finally back to the original thing - mia yamamoto is speaking about trans legal issues at the ONE glbt archives on july 18th BE THERE. daaamn she is so hot i dream about her. aaand that's right after outer space journey to M.I.A. at hardfest to see asma maroof who is now officially en orbit... will report back on all fer sure

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