Aug 27, 2010


 finally! asma's back from MIA tour so we can do club looks for ya- 
where better than in the kitchen of GROWN



1) triple-timin DAMELO TODO post-production if you can believe that's possible - we are less than a month away from locking picture! and 2) outta nowhere warm fuzzy amazefeelings about los angeles nightlife! it started with an intensely epic show at mustache mondays by brooklyn-based LIGHT ASYLUM - what can i say about this except I CRY. shannon funchess and her aquarian collaborator bruno coviello are crazily talented and definitely making the music of our future. then, wednesday was an especially adorable GROWN featuring none other than MOTHER FLAWLESS SABRINA, all the way from central park east. again I CRY. for those of you who don't know her, sabrina is a 70 year-old legendary queen-mother/oracular/shaman/artist, and i think that every young queer artist carrys a piece of her soul whether we know it or not. so anyway, sabrina just like poof APPEARED on the couch, giving $10 tarot readings to all the kids all night long... so blessed! total resurgence. so comforting to remember that nightlife magic is an endless cycle ;)

 (btw sabrina's hosting tonight at victor rodriguez's otter magic party @ burgundy house!)

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