Sep 14, 2010

club looks past

party girl just got released on netflix instant play... so everyone watch it again!! ok! i'm kind of obsessed with dated 90s club fashion right now (also see young soul rebels) - especially anything jp gaultier... THIS MAY POSSIBLY BE my favorite look ever? can someone please replicate these pieces and mail them too me?? i will build you a box with your name in lights and then wear them every day forever. also thinking about VOD (as they say in the movie biz "video on demand") as possibly a totally rad desirable distribution format? as in wide-reaching, easily accessible? could VOD be a peoples medium? um DEF wouldn't go thaaat far but comments?

*thinking more about distribution, i mean VOD as opposed to old school distro houses, which can become tombs for many experimental and independent films by locking them away at institutional rental prices. i mean, how many amazing movies have you tracked down only to find out you have to mail order rent them for like $400?? in other words FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. saaaad!!! i think VOD is possibly making movies more readily accessible to more people faster... and because there are more and more projects like that launching they compete with each other and have to become more inclusive or more specialized, in order to find markets - which CAN mean more options for independent filmmakers! or at least that what we learned at the IFP lab back in feb.... ;)

one of my first art projects was a video-collective-collaboration-event called pilot TV. one of the basic premises was that everyone involved would gather together to help each other make videos, and then when we were done, we would compile them and go back to wherever we came from put our shows on public television. it was a pretty chaotic utopian model of horizontal distribution - but it did have many inspiring outcomes. one of which was that our program actually DID air on danish television! on an artist-run channel called TVTV...


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