Sep 26, 2010

human stories

haaay back in touch with a computer for the first time in days!!! seriously been ON THE GO. i've got way too much to say, but for now something quick about the ever evolving hardcore process of making damelo todo. ps i have now been editing 1 year and 4 months.

for so long, i thought that the major negotiation of this project was between like ART vs FILM. ie what kind of form, voice, representation, audience, exposure, etc. but NOW i realize that for me, this negotiation is really about intellectualism vs emotional honesty - or like brain vs body or something hardly put into words...

it's funny cause i know most people think that being a visual artist is all about self expression. but for me and lots of folks i know in the art community, it has kinda meant the opposite. or like art is a mask of ideas and concepts to hide how i really feel or what i really want to say. all of this in the name of resisting "authorship." so yes that's where my art train brought me personally. and for some reason the film world has presented itself to be the antidote - not AT ALL because it is, but because the alienness of this new zone has enabled me to reflect on the alienness of my old native zone.

forreals especialy coming out of FILM WEEK and the IFP MARKET alls i have to say is that the film world feels like a much more barbarian landscape than the art world - where people are super transparent eek about their motives and needs (ie capitalism in full effect). so i definitely want to REVEAL everything about those experiences. but for now, i'm trying to focus on editing - and seem to have reached a critical point where the only way forward is to get extremely honest and speak from my heart eek. something i strangely hardly ever do creatively. it's extremely mind-blowing. but these damn film people they love it! it's all about the "characters" and the "human stories" etc.

WELL. rather than be judgemental, i'm just gonna take it as a personal challenge to do exactly that. fingers crossed!

slightly old but just love this fake fur vest closest i'll get to chanel fall rtw

and no apologies i'm still OBSESSED WITH THE MICRO BRAIDS i will keep posting about them until they're gone which maybe be already today but i wouldn't know cause my head has been in a cave
mustache pic by buttdick & microbraids part 3 and 4 by robert ;)

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