Sep 3, 2010


yo! so i know posting has been slowing down, but i promise not for much longer! we are in the final stretch of an editing deadline for DAMELO TODO. EPIC TRANSFORMATION GOING ON OVA HERE. for one thing the title is changing (as i suspected it might for a while...), because the story is revealing itself. can't divulge yet, but one thing is for sure; the actual movie is finally emerging!!! what's amazing is that there are over 100 hours of footage, but in the end, this movie is more about what i DIDN'T shoot. meaning that the times when i turned my camera off (or didn't want to turn it on), are turning out to be the most significant and revealing parts. ie the things i shyed away from, initially dismissed, the most painful, honest, self-critical parts have now become the backbone of the story. as case in point, for the three years that i was filming at silver platter, i always thought that wildness had nothing to do with it. i told myself, "i'm making a movie about this place and the community here, and wildness is just something i happen to be doing on the side that has nothing to do with it." yall are probably scratching yr heads at me like DER. but believe me, sometimes the thing that is closest to you is the thing you really cannot see. so amazingly, there was like this GIANT VOID HOLE in my process. which now that i have gained enough tiny amount of distance to see it, i realize it's like THEE most incredibly messy powerful shit. looking forward to sharing more soon, but in the meantime gearing up for NY INDEPENDENT FILM WEEK IFP MARKET thingy. that's where we werk it werk it with industry execsxxx. will TELL ALL fo sure

ps UUGGGG i have some serious style updates i just need like a body double to do the typing and posting 
or maybe asma can catch me up but um seriously more soon!!! we are already on to FALL

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