Dec 1, 2010

soooooooo unfinished

CLASS anniversaryishness! i started this blog over a year ago (oct 12!) but for some reason today feels like the day to mark change.

i started writing cause i felt like a DESPARATE NEED to go PUBLIC about WILDNESS and address the race and class tensions that were swirling around our event at the Silver Platter. our partay ended abruptly in february due to a family/ownership conflict at the bar.... sooooo the focus of CLASS has kind of morphed into the MOVIE i am making about this whole experience. ya ya you know this already ;) BUT it just seemed worthy to note the major CHANGESSSSS - because i think they are at the heart of my most fundamental questions fears hopes when i began this process.

especially what happens when you make a representation

a different time now

i've been revisiting women of color feminism writings like THIS BRIDGE CALLED MY BACK - looking for inspiration for the damelo todo voiceover (thanks aleX!(), but also just cause i want to reflect on like how VOICES get stuck in TIME, and how they can also MOVE through time at the same time. i love that!

i like to be reminded of the unfinished challenge of social movements to do the work beyond the white middle class priorities whether it's the GAY/TRANS/WHATEVER's. the. same.

my friend ren'yo hwang changed my brain about this recently. they pointed out that the problem is not white middle class women or gays making demands, it's that folks need to qualify FROM WHERE they speak- so the assumption is that they don't speak for everyone. right! take for example i have always been WARY of being anti-gay marriage, but also in solidarity with class critique of it. and then i realized, i would be SO MUCH MORE OKAY with hearing someone say, "as a white middle class gay man, i want __ (to visit my partner in the hospital, to pass on my inheritance, etc.)" there needs to be a way for more incoherency and like multiple value/need scales for different people at the same time. not like that's the answer, but it seems like a place to do work.

oh and TONIGHT! if you're in LA go to GROWN! if you're in miami rest and go to DIS tomorrow!

etc etc etc

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