Feb 20, 2011


so after a long long time of sweating this out - i am here to say that the new official title of DAMELO TODO is

we arrived at this decision after many months of editing, and struggling to discover the real story of the film. for those of you who don't know (and for those who can appreciate!) editing a documentary is like finding a needle in a haystack - the majority of time is spent in the cutting room trying things out- and FAILING ;) BUT! it makes the eventual success of storytelling all the more rewarding...

when i started making this movie 3 years ago, i thought it was going to be "about" the Silver Platter. I saw myself (and my Wildness friends) as being outside of that community - but as time went on, and our communities grew together, i realized that the most important challenge for the film was to find a way to talk about the connection that we all shared with each other. so calling the film WILDNESS feels like a way to be most honest about my relationship to making this thing. i realize it potentially raises questions about representation, and i want to have that dialog with all of yall, because i believe it's the harder one to have - AND ULTIMATELY hopefully the film will allow you to come to your own conclusions.

i also just did an interview for ORIGINAL PLUMBING that talks more about this stuff if you're interested check it out...

so thanks! LOTS more news on the way on that front ;)

(silver platter photo by paul monroe)

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