Feb 23, 2011

getting ready

i just found these cuuute gianmarco lorenzi ripoffs at chinese laundry - needed new dancing shoes for our 

i just made soup for my new collaborator crew kim anh (booby trap) aaron castle (rhonda) and total freedom (mustache/grown) to discuss how it's all going to go down... the bar is giving us a cut of their sales, which means our event can be FREE yay! we also bargained down their drink prices - $5 well $3 shots all night bottle service etc etc... it's that subtle balance between needing to keep the thing sustainable, but also making it as welcoming and inclusive as possible for our friends. bottom line: we CAN party and dance, which means a lot! you'd think there wouldn't be much to it, but it's actually pretty hard to achieve, getting all the elements right... it feels really good to be hashing details - like finally ready to think about crafting new space. i've been (we've been) NEEEEDING. TO. DANCE. CHAMBERS is at this funny "developed" downtown joint called the CROCKER CLUB- inside of an old fully restored bank vault. the regular crowd is like, bankers i think. but we have a vision for transforming it, we're bringing our own laser beams. it's gonna be classy. and messy ;) 


LGL is about to have it's first MOBILE LEGAL CLINIC!!!! we are piloting the first one at Friends Community Center. i have NOT been updating enough about LGL ;) there has been waaay to much going on with us over the past couple months! for one thing, we lost our space next door to silver platter.


but everything comes to an end.

i think it's actually been a really good thing for our organization because now we will be roaming to different spaces where the trans community is already gathering - like tagteaming onto support group meetings and stuff - and probably be able to reach a lot more people that way. we are also again reconfiguring our mission and body. one of the scary cool things also about deciding not to incorporate as a non-profit is that we can continually reassess and redefine. i must say over the past couple months a lot of things have not been working. but that's also the pain and gain of doing this work. people gotta believe. so we're going to pilot the new clinic and see what grows. 

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  1. Wu, you are always welcome to host the clinic at Human Resources. all of us at HR know the pains of loosing a home. We just signed a new lease for Cottage Home. please feel free to contact me if you want to set something ... anything up. the door is always open to you. Dawn Kasper