Jul 9, 2011

LA home

she is really fun on the carpet and gorgeous and talented it's too much

what better way to return to LA than outfest extreme gay lala movie land = OPPOSITE UNIVERSE of where i just came from ;)) 
living it NOW

possible haircut?

titling inspiration - sirk
working on WILDNESS again!!!!! dears we are so close to premiers we can taste it ;))) well sort of lol
after the gala last night roya and i had a midnight/9am skype-reading with the legendary vaginal davis in berlin to work on some new scripting voiceover stuff... keep that a surprizzzz for now!
(here with the young talented alex from the chocolate grinder film kollective and his blue robed beau)
dominique deveraux = movement research for FULL BODY QUOTATION performance at new museum in november!!

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