Jul 2, 2011

whose streets

nytimes reported today that the sexual assault case against strauss kahn (director of the international monetary fund) might get dropped because the victim - an immigrant hotel worker from guinea - is being discredited as a liar. they say she lied about her immigration situation, she lied about how she was raped and beaten when she fled from guinea - and they recorded a phone call to her boyfriend in an arizona detention center, which apparently reveals she had financial motives to report kahn's attack. she's being further discredited by the fact that her boyfriend has a criminal record for counterfiting designer clothing in chinatown and being a "drug dealer."

why do rape victims always have to prove they're not lying- as if being a "bad" person in society's eyes somehow disqualifies your right to justice? basically the legal system cannot even do justice, because it entangles us through our desperate need to survive. if you are not a citizen, how many options do you really have to make money, besides selling pot and designer fucking clothing? or work at a shitty rich person hotel until they shove a fat imf cock down your throat and then call you a liar, and maybe deport you too.

i mean look at this guy do u think he's ever gonna lose in life?

i'm not a journalist or anything so i'm not necessarily trying to speak truth i'm just looking for a read, and fucking over it... the trans march in nyc was hard this year cause it was rainy and we had to march around the block on the fucking sidewalk, corralled in by cones and cop motorcycles yelling "whose streets? our streets!" and then that night they claimed stonewall for the the gay marriage victory party. just feelin the ouch...

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