Oct 2, 2011


i'm SO FUCKIN PREGNANT movie movie movie land!!! soon. between workin on wildness and FBQ, i decided that documentary is such a trick. i was never very into the idea of making narrative movies (like with actors and sets and FICTON)- i mean it was cool but not my thing- why would you wanna construct reality out of thin air when what's around you is so flawed and amazing? but now i know documentary takes just as much extreme manipulation. so whether you're directing actors or interviewing "subjects" you always have an agenda and you are always trying to pull the performance out of people that you need... i don't say it's a bad thing but definitely LESSON LEARNED. one aint more honest than the other.


i had a dream the other night that ashland and i were riding in a taxi to an LGL legal clinic and it turned into a dance party with like a fog machine and everything. everyone was dancing their ass off and throwing name change papers in the air.
filming DAY INTO NIGHT scenes for wildness... endless pickups almost OVA

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