Nov 21, 2011

week in ny

whew back in LA after an emotional week in ny... we were in FULL production mode for FBQ but also feeding off the intense energy of occupy/N17 etc SUCH AN EXCITING TIME right now ...!

morning after the eviction seemed like total confusion/loss but a lot of people say has made the movement stronger

total freedom setting up in the sky room at sunset... my favorite hour in there... the party did come that part for sure was FUN ;) but need to digest generational galala experience more before making comment


LTR: performer mikeah jennings, special visitors hector xtravaganza wit such cute boyfriend jay, cherrye davis (performer), travis chamberlain (producer) and derek wright, our grip/electrician...

 PA halston bruce operating our poorman's dolly (wheelchair = works!) while DP martina radwan and AC alvah chomes frame the shot... we had super awesome crew! other amazing people not pictured: performer nicholas gorham, makeup artist gage ofthe boone, PAs naomi huth & loreli ramirez, and eungie joo craft services ;)

keepin' it fresh at 2am last night ;)

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