Dec 4, 2011

wildness update

tada! wildness movie poster ;) by carl williamson & ian crowther of familiar

i know it's crazy we are STILL working on wildness, but at this moment i'd say we're getting... VERY CLOSE! going through one final re-write of the script with roya rastegar and translation by claudia rodriguez.

we did a super mixed test screening a couple weeks ago (finally digesting) with film people, investors, community members, wildness participants, all together in one room. it kinda stressed me out beforehand because i was worried about speaking to everyone on all their important different wavelengths at the same time, but it turned out to be a magical combo cause we got some very productive feedback.

the main issue is my character ;) who we've started referring to as WU in 3rd person. (i know creepy!) but if i objectify everyone else in the story why not myself... so anyway, some people either thought there was too much of me or not enough - ie that my character didn't "pay off"- as they love to say. which initially threw me for a loop- like WELL which way is it?? cause it can't be both...

but then i realized it needed to make it more clear that this story is not about me. my character is like a vehicle. at the beginning, the bar says it's a story told "through" me (did i mention there is a 'TALKING' BAR?? the Silver Platter is a character that talks!!) so my personal biography (ie family, being trans or mixed race etc) which always felt weird and TMI, were actually just misleading. people always want to hear a story about gay/trans/X/misfits finding a place to belong. and that was exactly NOT the story i wanted to tell. so we are still working at it.

i was also reminded the original decision to make me a main character was about trying to have more complexity, like consolidating my identity = HELLO FOLLOW ME. it actually opened things up and allowed for more voices and stories. it also felt critical to have to put myself out front and be vulnerable in a way that the rest of my subjects already are. so i'm glad we went through that process of putting WU to task, and are now are pulling back a little from there... i AM going a little crazy though. i do now talk to myself aloud, especially when writing dialog between me and the BAR (who are both me)...

recutting the intro right now; it's all about twi light light


the BAR talks!!!

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