Feb 18, 2012

buying art matters

(Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Rachel Warner, R.H. Quaytman)


next saturday is my favorite time of year to fancy myself an art collector (because they take credit cards and payment plans!) - the Sylvia Rivera Law Project's annual Small Works for Big Change art auction FEB 25TH - is theee most funn glamorous $$$RAINING party in the city. all proceeds go to the collectively-run org- which provides free quality, respectful, affirming legal services for low-income transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming people - and in general fights for the rights of all people to self-determine gender identity... SO GO THERE OBVIOUSLY and empty your bank accounts ;)

i haven't been able to post in forever because life has literally been like this: EDIT EDIT pass out for an hour EDIT EDIT do some jumping jacks EDIT EDIT take a train uptown to install EDIT EDIT take a train down town to install EDIT EDIT run the party take some photos EDIT EDIT... there hasn't been quite room for sleep. but i'm finally coming out of that because....


at moma's docfortnight
and then SXSW
and then whitney biennial
and then and then...

some people have been asking when do are we going to screen in LA. the answer is kinda complicated. the truth is we have been screening in LA (shh don't tell the programmers that! lol) at under-the-radar events, with artists, organizers, community members etc. ie we've been sharing the film in process with a lot of different audiences for over a year. this whole "PREMIERE" thing ends up being a political/economic maneuver - a HOOPLA to jump through, because my end goal is to get wildness out into the world in an accessible format. which these days means VOD (video on demand) like netflix or amazon. to hopefully reach other folks who are basically like me ;) meaning not film buffs, kinda too lazy/disorganized to rent actual dvds- but enthusiastic about culture enough to watch anything and everything that i can see online... and for the independent film world, festivals are kind of the gateways to those distribution channels. so you may notice a sudden surge of publicity claiming Wildness is now OFFICIALLY a movie you can go see in a theater - but to me it is still part of a larger process. it actually makes me wonder when is a film really DONE? so many more existential thoughts about that to save for another post....

in the meantime i found some good kicks for the premiere: (still hunting for the rest of the look tho)
a view from the east village standard = another cold gray manhattan day = missing LA hard ;)

also i am SUUUPER EXCITED about the NEW MUSEUM TRIENNIAL, which i've had the honor of participating in - eungie joo's brilliant vision of the next world we live in - and Full Body Quotation film (AKA FHWPALT3 For how we perceived a life (take 3) is on view intermittently on 16mm and video in the basement. go look and see and feel i HEART THIS GROUP OF ARTISTS!!!!!

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