Apr 19, 2012

full circle

last night felt like a major milestone in terms of really finishing wildness (movie). we did a small screening at the Silver Platter for the owners and some of the regulars. it was so SURREAL to see the movie playing on that little TV behind the bar - like the outside from the inside! a teleport. everything finally coming full circle.

i was mostly nervous about what Nora (one of the owners and main characters in movie) would think - because she and i had a major falling out at one point; it was the reason i had to stop filming. let's just say, getting involved in a lawsuit against one of your subjects to help your friend who is also a subject is not like, best documentary practices. somehow over time though, we all got past that stuff. but it still felt terrifying and necessary to sit with her and watch the film. the fact that she loved it (...!!!) was like a major resolution. bless !

in other news we had an LGL legal clinic meeting yesterday - did you know there's a new law in california that says you can now get a court order recognizing your gender change, without requiring surgery?? more on that (and other crazy shit like the new "trans pods" being built in LAPD jails) later...

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