Nov 8, 2009

fan out!


Tuesday, November 03, 2009
Just wanted to inform my quarter of a million love sexy readers about a hot new blog in town CLASS written by one of my juicy, young, beautiful kai kai girlyfriends Ms. Wu who lives in Los Angeles and has taken over the mantle in making my old hometown a fun place again with her MacArthur Park Live Art venue Wildness...


i hope that every single person in the world has this feeling occasionally: love and support from the person who you idolize most. thank you Miss Vag i can go now.

i put one foot in your step, and i follow 4evs.

Miss Davis is performing in "Advanced Capitalism Reunion: Reparations and Retardations" at PARTICIPANT INC (fan!!! 253 E Houston NYC), as part of the Stuart Sherman exhibition in PERFORMA '09 on Nov 16th. that's so soon you can just go, just like that. this is an extremely RARE opportunity for the north americas.

as usual, when i begin to write about someone (ie VD) or something that brings together everything i care about and am inspired by, my impulse is to end by saying, "more about this later..." and i'm sorry but it's true! how could i summarize what she means to los angeles, queer community, and art in general? this is obviously another cyclical subject (i guess in blog-terminology, also known as a "tag categeory"), a life that is threaded through mine, or rather i'm threaded through hers, or like i'm grasping at the threads of her mantle... SOOOO umm. i will write more about Miss Davis again and again, and just assume you already know everything about her or will NOW learn everything instantly. cause that's what the internet's good for.

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