Jan 3, 2010



so i finished radiation on the 31st... i have to say it feels really good to be able to start 2010 by beating cancer! LOL LOL muah muah no seriously it does! thanks for bearing with... so come this tuesday or tune in... i think life is about to get SURREAL because we are in the final week of production preparations for the 4-day Damelo Todo narrative shoot. this is one of those momements - i think i was talking about this earlier - where i realize that i'm BEYOND THOUGHT, i'm at the point of DO. so i have to hope and trust that all the little decisions made up until now were made with heart and brain in the right place... and just leap. fingers crossed. plenty of time to reflect and intervene in the editing process, which will take most of 2010. wish me luck! good luck to you and all your NEWYRZ REZ... i most definitely have mine. let's share next week huh? if i have the piece of mind i'll keep you up-to-the-minute-otherwise-see-you-on-the-other-side with an infinite grab bag of still photography! kisses

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