Mar 20, 2010


 it's official!!!

da wildness crew 
(me, NGUZUNGUZU, TOTAL FREEDOM, and Silver Platter's Koky, Javier & Nicol) 


it's kind of a special story in case yr interested... basically Javier is organizing the whole thing. he worked out a sitch with his friends at Jalisco so that we can all work there: Koky & Javier bartending, and wildness doing the music performances etc. basically it's a dream come true for da collaboration... or at least the best we can do given the circumstances. (for the record Silver Platter did invite us to continue doing Wildness but we declined in solidarity with our friends who lost their jobs)

unfortunately because the public at large will not know the detailz, i anticipate some characterization of our event as gentrifying another Mexican gay bar. so we'll have to figure out a way to communicate explicitly our relationship to Jalisco when we start promoting. for those of you who are reading it here first hopefully you've been following enough to know the difference. i wouldn't consider doing a party at Jalisco especially except now we are being invited- not that that eliminates all the complications, but basically we plan to work through these challenges the same way we did with wildness. i'm also hoping our event will generate some income for Koky & Javier, who have both been unemployed since February... (oh yea there will be a small cover and that's why...)

the above photo was taken of Gonzalo (left) and Koky (right) when they were boyfriends in the mid-90s. when Gonzalo Ramirez died last year he willed his half of the Silver Platter to Koky. unfortunately because of an ownership dispute with the Ramirez family - Koky is being denied his gay inheritence. he is hoping to settle with family at some point so that he can start a new gay bar somewhere else. no doubt we're in it for the long haul...

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