Jun 22, 2010

DAMELO TODO launches KICKSTARTER fundraising campaign


DAMELO TODO has launched a KICKSTARTER campaign!

ok guys here's what's up. this epic movie THING is so close to done. it's been an exhausting and rewarding journey for me personally (3 years + 91 HOURS of footage!!!) but more importantly, it's the culmination of literally hundreds of peoples labor, energy, and life stories. we've managed to get this far completely out of sheer willpower and love - but at this moment we've reached a budget impasse, and we need to raise $12K in order to finish the film. i believe from the bottom of my heart that there is urgency to get this thing done and out in the world because it addresses some very timely issues, specifically about current immigration and transgender rights debates that are happening on a national level.

please donate NOW - kickstarter only works if we reach our goal, so the more people & donations, the better chance we have of succeeding. 5 dollars totally makes a difference - and plus you get STUFF.

*UPDATE. there seems to be some confusion about how kickstarter works: in a nutshell, you can "pledge" an amount of money - and IF we reach our goal those pledges will go through to our fund. if we we DON'T reach our goal, then nobody pays anything. i guess that's like supposed the be the capitalist incentive that kicks everyone in the butt to do it ;) here goes.

ps i'm only gonna say it on this here blog cause i know you readers will catch my drift... but i just want to say that it feels absolutely craaaaazy to ask the world for money - cause of the way i feel about money in general, and about about like causes worth fighting for etc. i guess in the end, everything i do including this movie is about trying to WORK on these questions... so every effort finds it's right container and these funds will enable me to share the movie with you fully. so THANK YOU.

yours truly,

last nights shoot was a total successs!! we breakin all the rules of documentary baby ;)

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