Jun 23, 2010

summer transitions


anxiously awaiting LGL member ren'yo's report back!!!

speaking of LGL...

at our recent retreat, LGL voted to propose to take over the IMPRENTA space... so IMPRENTA would no longer have an arts component but instead juuuust become a full-time legal clinic. as the sole arts-legal crossover member, i am undecided how i feel about this... i am super psyched about clinic's intiative to expand - but at the same time i also loved the creative/political potential of having those 2 really different projects mixing in the same space... fortunately it's up to MANY people at this point to decide its fate... 

also today i moved out of my apartment and into my closet, so to speak... transforming it into a full blown editing studio in order to make room for the new FULLY EXPANDING FULL TIME damelo todo TEAM: editors kaliisa conlon & suzanne mejean, plus my new producer kathy rivkin. it feels a little crazy to pack away mattress and home life, although seems fitting - as though i am about to enter a new phase of my life where there is no space time or monies for sleep, only LIVE & WORK. that is, til our september deadline ;)

(vogue italia by fashionrogue, LGL retreat photos by riku matsuda!)

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