Jun 28, 2010


brought to you by TOTAL FREEDOM

Chef Wu Tsang proudly presents a new menu that is simple, brilliant, and affordable. We're working together with Dinner House to bring a modern alternative to their house menu (still available). We're opening the doors at 9 pm now so you can come for an early bite if yr an early riser - or you can stick around for the regular Grown fanfare and happenings.

In proper fashion for celebrating the maiden voyage of this new venture we asked the majorly talented jazz singer and pianist SONJI KIMMONS to break the bottle on the ship and christen us with song.

Sonji Kimmons is probably known to most of you as the heartbreaker seated behind the piano Saturday nights at the Other Side in Silverlake - gracefully stumbling through the standards and turning up the volume on their hidden minor keys, tugging every last string string left in yr heart. She now can be found locally every Friday and Saturday night at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. And lucky us - this week in the Grown Dining Room.

Recently added to the bill is the undeniably attractive teen-sensation multi-instrumentalist Sam Gendel of TEEN INC fame. He will be accompanying Sonji's repertoire on Alto Sax.

DINNER 9pm-1am
LIVE MUSIC 10pm (sharp!)

as always GROWN is free before 2am

no drink minimum for diners
two drink minimum for other guests


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