Jun 30, 2010

a menu, or half thoughts on food

for GROWN DINING ROOM tomorrow night

pork sliders with pickled green tomatoes
green garlic & scallion crepes with beet-ginger glaze
farmers market fried rice

spicy fried green beans with black sesame mayo
larb chicken salad with daikon slaw & frise

peach-cream pastry with espresso-dusted lime wedges

one thing i like about cooking is that -like other related creative fields- there is this super rad under-layer of access for those of us who labor to enjoy what usually only the wealthy can afford to buy. FOOD is commonly thought to be exclusively defined by "taste" (as in value/judgment) but actually good food can and should be accessible. there's definitely a culture of connoisseurship around fine dining (just like art film etc) but there's also a radical trajectory of people using food as a base for all kinds of social experimentation- and that's my jam... in other words FOOD can be another zone to explore (and create!) complex class environments - ie not just what's in your mouth but how it's served to you = how you're ADDRESSED = therefore determining how you're free to act and be! or some...thing... ya know? whoops sleepy ;)

(gordon matta-clark's artist run cooperative restaurant FOOD: 1971, soho nyc)

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