Jun 14, 2010

modeling & colonialism... surprise!

i just read a super interesting nytimes report about the ubiquitous white european body type in modeling. i mean, we all know that people of color are for the most part not imaged hardly anywhere in mags or on runways, with the caveat occassional interest in "real" "ethnic" or "new" body types - usually tokenized etc. so duh. this report traces the economy and practice of scouting all the way to it's roots in colonialism.
RESTINGA SÊCA, Brazil — Before setting out in a pink S.U.V. to comb the schoolyards and shopping malls of southern Brazil, Alisson Chornak studies books, maps and Web sites to understand how the towns were colonized and how European their residents might look today.

“If a famous top model looks German with a Russian nose, I will do a scientific study and look for cities that were colonized by Germans and Russians in the south of Brazil in order to get a similar face down here," Mr. Pessoa said.

WOW! more than just a canvas you say? there is also a suuuuper interesting VIDEO (won't let me embed wah) -love to watch a video! watch the EYES on the scouts when these brazilian high schoolers are walking out of class. TOT.alleeee says everything about everything

(photos: alek wek AAAGGHHHH CHANEL CLOGS, aline weber brazilian conquest - both from fashion rogue)

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