Aug 17, 2010

exploitation of trans women in mainstream movies - part zillionth

i was recently contacted by a warner brothers casting agent to audition for a role in an undisclosed major motion picture that features a "truly beautiful" thai-chinese trans woman. i'm guessing by the sides it's possibly a bro comedy (bromedy?) check it out: i actually almost went into the studio because i wanted to be able do more in-depth reporting for you my readers, but i couldn't go though with it! memorizing these lines was way too toxic.

i know it's kinda hard to read - but basically: tranny hooker speaks broken english, drops load in ignorant wasted bachelor dude, and doesn't know what a condom is. comments?


  1. It's brilliant that you shared this piece of Hollywood EVIL. EVIL! On so many levels!!! "There are limp dicks everywhere." - Truer words never written.

  2. ... 'Bang-Cut' ?! so so KUH-RAY-ZEE.