Aug 18, 2010

the limits of community

i've been thinking a lot all the time about andrea fraser - who is an artist and a friend that i've had the good fortune to study and work with over time... and the more i do anything creative, the more i feel indebted to her practice and her contributions to institutional critique (of the art world).

i haven't been posting much lately because we are DEEP into editing DAMELO TODO - and coming up on an epic editing deadline - so i haven't had too many cute things to say slash/ i keep changing my mind about absolutely everything. but one thing is for certain: this movie is increasingly about the limits of community. it's NOT a social history of a bar, and it's NOT like a fantastical portrait of the trans movement. i still kind of wish it was the latter, but the politics of making this movie have actually become so paramount, that it feels unethical to obsure it with any sort of aesthetical wanking. so the movie is and will be about: 2 communities mixing for a brief period of time: wildness & silver platter: a group of young queer artists & a community of trans latina women - and all of creativity and the race and class tensions that resulted from it. in the words of brian kates: "wildness creates comraderie and conflict." TRUE THAT. there's your industry takeaway if ya need it. or an art world takeaway might be something like: a critical representation of the limits of community and its modes of production. riiiight?

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