Sep 9, 2010

old team

i just got a new frida book for inspiration... endlessly editing damelo todo is bringin me back to my visual art roots... wanting to make sense the old way...!

plussss frida is also the original gay style icon. that's right- this is where the POWER BALL (hairdo) began.

i'm collaborating with an old friend, comic artist EDIE FAKE on damelo todo titles. a couple months ago at the one institute's film festival, i saw a '70s short film called THE LIBERATION OF GRIFFITH PARK, which really got me thinking about handmade fonts and titles... super excited to bring it all together!

speaking of pop culture / visual art marriages have you said yes to MEN yet?

MEN's JD sampson in front of performance painting backdrop by celeste dupuy

MEN single out on trouble records - painting/cover by ulrike müller

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