Sep 11, 2010

pico union police state

last sunday LAPD shot and killed Manuel Jamines outside of the upper level of the Home Depot parking lot at 6th and Union. Jamines was a 37-year old indigenous Guatemalan day laborer, and father of 3. LAPD claims the man was armed, and shot him twice in the head. on thursday the LA Times reported that a witness has publicly countered this report to say the the man was unarmed: "At the moment when the police were shooting, he had nothing." according to the times, "She said the man appeared drunk, and was having trouble keeping his balance. He stepped toward the officers, but it appeared to be an attempt to keep from falling forward, she said."

i think this is an intensely moving example of how there are multiple overlapping classes of people in this country who are not able to exist as human. whose lives can be treated like wild dogs. immigrant, criminal, poor. substance abuse, mental health, unemployment, and so many other vectors of violence that limit our life chances. solidarity from the trans movement.

(photos from cop watch LA)

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  1. The Associated Press reports that LAPD Officer Frank Hernandez was involved in two previous on-duty shootings.

    Hernandez shot 19-year-old Joseph Wolf in the leg on the morning of Dec.12, 2008, according to a civil rights and negligence lawsuit filed in March of this year by Wolf's attorneys.