Jan 24, 2011

parallel universe

do you ever get obsessed with an idea, and then all of a sudden it seems like everyone around you is talking about it?? i was just listening to an NPR show about quantum physics and i could've sworn they were talking about queer community. or it's just this idea more generally that 'community' only exists through the process of representation. this guy was talking about subatomic particles. but basically it's the same idea, that the act of measuring something changes it's location. so you can never simultaneously KNOW where something is- you can only predict- cause as soon as you make the calculation it changes the data. umm or something. but that just feels so much like COMMUNITY - like act of making a representation of a group always changes its MOMENT. like there is only a true feeling cohesion if you don't name it, or record it, or whatever. and as soon as you do, it's over. not that that's at all a bad thing, it's an important failure. cause people always think that respresentations are supposed to REPRESENT them. WRONG. riiight?

i got a new bag today and it made me feel so good about the world. it was one of those things i chased down, after seeing a bright blue one on nyc-based moca dejecta producer jonathan berger - i was all "wait a minute get over here and tell me who did that" and it turns out its from mid-wilshire! funny little design store called plastica $22. i mean, it's just a tote, but it's proportionally a little extra deep so when you reach into it to get something it feels so luxury. it makes you want to walk around and do things. i used to have an extremely fancey designer leather one of these but i traded it for a piece of art. this one is way better.

i'm presenting about community-rep at XTRA benefit this friday at pacific design center. it's a one-minute talk about a silver platter snapshot by nightlife legend paul monroe, who coincientally has a show opening at the ONE archives verr soon.

TOTAL FREEDOM just uploaded a remix of hi11 nye party sound - it plays REALLY GOOD right now if you click on it - at new museum rhizome bloggy

SO YEA. THE MOVIE! i just started working on the last final and epic layer. it's gonna be blockbig. so big that the movie is turning into a LIVE PERFORMANCE. coming soon to every theater near you...

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