Apr 11, 2011

new channel

i want to take a minute to call out the fact that this CLASS blog doesn't seem to be as much about partying anymore. not cause i'm not going out, but because those experiences aren't affecting me in the same way. sometimes going out is just going out, you know? it's also because so much of club culture is about hotness & newness, and the THING i'm working on is now officially a past moment. that energy keeps migrating to other clubs and other kids doing stuff in other places... and always will... = a good thing!

while it was always personal, it used to feel more political to be reporting on my friends and nightlife, in a way that just doesn't feel genuine now. so basically gears are shifting. gotta stay true to what i'm actually excited about, which right now happens to be a lot more nerdy stuff like this worksheet (above) that LGL uses to train white allys. (or this book i'm reading called POPULAR CULTURE IN THE AGE OF WHITE FLIGHT - FEAR AND FANTASY IN SUBURBAN LOS ANGELES) the legal clinic is perhaps less glamorous- or differently glamorous? but all these activities have really pushed me towards wanting to deal with race & class stuff more head on. and the closer i get the more real and hard it is to talk about = exciting again yay! so stay tuned to the new channel........ ;)

there is this book about gentrification in wicker park, chicago and some of my friends are on the cover (rhys and/or ashland i think?). i'm not, but i may as well be- because i participated in that scene in the early 2000s. so you see that THING i care about- it keeps going. it's ain't going away...

i realize i might lose some of you in this process but hopefully you'll find your way back when the wildness movie drops and things get a little more entertaining again ;)

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