Apr 6, 2011

wildness movie update

 can't stop caring about the kirkwood for rodarte spring/summer '11 foot...

so here's what's up w WILDNESS: we've been editing now for 15 month- and we got about 6 more to go. I KNOW crazy. hard to explain WHY editing takes so long, but basically TIME is the only way to make a story better... it gives you more perspective on how the thing plays for people who don't know anything. and THAT feels important because a "movie" can become widely available- like on netflix or whatever- where ANYONE can find it and watch it. so that's why it's so important to get the story as "right" as possible.

it's kinda the same as throwing a party- the hotter the thing, the more popular it might get- and if the party is also an important safe space for you and your friends then you have to be careful how word gets out... cause it is a public event in a way that ANYONE could should up. so every little decision you make affects the kind of people who will be attracted to it and feel like it's their space.

there's a 2-tier structure in the film world: the "mainstream/straight" circuit and the "gay" one.  most queer films end up on the gay circuit (festivals, distribution, audiences etc). it's sad but obviously true that gay is seen as "lesser" cause these circuits are driven by straight-up commercialism. whatever sells = value. so programmers, producers, reps, agents, everyone is dealing with the fact that the most dollar$ spent are by straight whites - and for the most part those people want to see movies about themselves, like stories they can identify with. OR if the movie has queer/poc content, then it has to be made in a way that straight whites are comfortable viewing.

so basically if you are anyone other than straight & white - and making a movie about anything different, you have 2 choices. you either say FUCK IT, and make the movie you wanna make, for the people around you, who you know are going to get it. or you say YES i wanna reach those outter circles- and then you have to translate your message into a language that straight white people understand. that is basically the language of standard documentary.

there's a movie that just got released to netflix instant play - so it's really easy you can watch it NOW - called WHICH WAY HOME. it's about immigrant children who migrate to the u.s. by cargo trains in search of their families. it's fucking heartbreaking. but the story is also told in that HBO-style that is super comfortable for white audiences. cause it distances you, puts you in this total space of pity, thinking you've done something positive by just watching the movie and becoming more aware of the problems of migration, and then turn off your tv and go back to living your life in the exact same fucking way. i say fuck that. but do watch the movie! it's amazing, and it definitely makes me feel more and more like WILDNESS doesn't need to get on a cargo train, cause clearly that story is out there. let's move on to something more complicated!

 last chambers - seriously LAST TIME EVER at crocker club

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